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Okay, this isn’t a new product, but we were so impressed with it at a trade show we felt the need to get one in anyway. PURE Digital’s Legato II is a digital diamond of a mini system, with built-in DAB radio, an SD card slot and a USB port for MP3 playback, a CD player of course, three auxiliary inputs for iPod connections and the like, and technology that allows you to pause and rewind live digital radio. It’s also absolutely beautiful.

Here at Crave we get to see so many elegant devices and products, but only a select few tick every box in terms of design and features. Aside from a wealth of features for such a system, we love the glossy piano-black finish, which is complemented by a brushed-metal front and a truly ‘as-simple-as-possible’ control method.

Now, there are hundreds upon probably thousands of mini systems like this one, but we feel this one stands out from the crowd by being as close to perfect on first inspection as it’s possible to be.

Don’t miss our full review of the Legato II very soon, right here on CNET.co.uk. If it delivers as we expect it to, everyone and their grandmothers will want one of these. If they don’t, we whole-heartedly recommend immediate therapy. -Nate Lanxon

Update: a full review of the PURE Digital Legato II is now live. 

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