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Google Now Pays You Back if It’s Wrong About the Cheapest Flights

Google on Monday announced three new Search features that could make planning your next vacation cheaper and easier. The features are meant to help you save money on your next flight, explore a hotel before you book it and easily plan things to do on your trip. 

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Here’s what you can expect to see if you plan your next vacation using Google.

Flight price guarantee

Google Flights already shows you whether flight prices are low or high compared to historical averages, but now Google is launching a pilot program for price guarantees in the US. 

How it works is that Google will place a badge next to low-priced flights. Google doesn’t think the price for these flights will get any lower, but if the price does go down, it’ll send you the difference via Google Pay. 

Price guarantee badge and information boxPrice guarantee badge and information box

The price guarantee badge (top) means if tickets for your flight go down, Google will send you the difference.


This pilot program is only available for “Book on Google” flights that depart from the US.

Explore hotels before booking

If you use Google Search on mobile to find a hotel, you can view a slideshow to explore different hotels and find the right one for you. You can save hotels you like and pull up more information about the area around particular hotels, too. 

Find prices for and book nearby activities

Finally, you can find prices for nearby attractions in Google, and you’ll also find a link to book tickets for those activities. 

To view these, you have to use Google Search or Google Maps to find an attraction or tour company. You’ll see prices attached to different attractions and companies, as well as a “Tickets” tab that pulls up different ways to book admission. Searching for some attractions will also show you suggestions for similar experiences you might enjoy.

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