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When Jack Dorsey speaks: 13 notable quotes

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Jack Dorsey had some things to say at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco in 2012.
Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Newly crowned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey came to fame as a co-creator of the microblogging service, which limits messages to 140 characters. But even with his emphasis on brevity, he’s rarely at a loss for words.

Dorsey is now starting his second stint as Twitter’s CEO. He became the company’s first chief executive in May 2007, holding the post for 16 months. The 38-year-old is also the CEO of Square, an Internet-payments company, and sits on the board of media giant Walt Disney.

To mark his reinstatement, we went searching for his best and most notable quotes. Here’s a list of some of our favorites, starting with the famous first tweet itself:

“Just setting up my twttr” — @jack on Twitter, March 21, 2006

“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” — @jack on Twitter, December 2010

“It’s really complex to make something simple…I’ve always been fascinated by cities and how they work. And I taught myself how to program so I can understand how the city works.” — “Charlie Rose,” January 2011

Jack is back at Twitter (pictures)




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“A founder is not a job, it’s a role, an attitude. And it’s something that can happen again and again and again, and in fact it has to happen again and again and again, otherwise we would not move forward.”TechCrunch Disrupt, September 2012

“You don’t have to start from scratch to do something interesting.” TechCrunch Disrupt, September 2012

“You can worry about the competition…or you can focus on what’s ahead of you and drive fast.” —60 Minutes,” March 2013

“Expect the unexpected. And whenever possible, be the unexpected.” — Vine, May 2013

“I really like any colony-based structure, where you have a strong dependence on a network…Aspen trees grow in groups. If one of them dies, they all suffer. I think humans have the same thing, though it’s not as much on the surface.” The New Yorker, October 2013

Two companies, one man: Dorsey, Jobs and not many more (pictures)




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“Twitter is about moving words. Square is about moving money.” The New Yorker, October 2013

“Twitter in 2000 was something that was fun to play with but something I put on the shelf to play with another day.” — Vanity Fair, October 2013

“I took my nose ring out after [Twitter’s] first round of financing.”Vanity Fair, October 2013

“Despite all that we have accomplished, Twitter still has huge unmet potential.”Conference call with investors, June 11, 2015

Yes! Welcome to Twitter.” — @jack on Twitter, September 29, 2015 (in response to Twitter newbie Edward Snowden’s debut tweet, “Can you hear me now?”)

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