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Leaked BlackBerry pic could point to first BBX OS phone

We all know that RIM needs a new game plan to stay relevant in the super-smartphone age, and its name is BBX.

The forthcoming BBX operating system converges QNX, the OS behind the unsuccessful BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and BlackBerry OS, which continues to run current BlackBerry smartphones.

Even when RIM announced its plan to develop BBX last month at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco, it didn’t tell us much else about it–what it’ll really do, how it will look, and when it will launch. What we did know is that it’ll succeed the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software…and that RIM doesn’t even own the rights to the name.

The design we see here in this leaked image, which could be of a BBX phone (or may not be), has a large, edgy design with an all-touch display and no keyboard. That tidbit is consistent with reports that BBX phones will eschew the physical keyboard for which RIM is so famous.

(Via The Verge)

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