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Vizio E3D0VX series review: 3D and apps for less

If you want the most features for your TV buck, look no further than Vizio’s E3D0VX series.

It’s the least expensive 1080p 3D TV on the market–yeah, entry-level 720p 3D plasmas from Samsung and LG cost less but don’t include active glasses, while Sony’s PlayStation TV is just 24 inches.

The Vizio also sports a well-equipped Internet package, complete with content galore, built-in Wi-Fi, and, yes, a remote equipped with a QWERTY keyboard on the flip side. About the only thing missing is an LED backlight.

The downside is that the Vizio’s disappointing 2D picture can’t match that of many basic-featured competitors that cost less. If you can overlook that significant flaw and actually want 3D, you’ll find Vizio’s E3D0VX plenty appealing.

Read the full review of the Vizio E3D0VX series.

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