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iOS 7 concept video shows how Apple could copy Android

A new fan-made concept video deftly illustrates how Apple could pinch more stuff from Android in its upcoming mobile operating system iOS 7.

While it isn’t as black-and-white as recent rumours suggest the new OS might be, it is very flat, in common with Android and Windows Phone, and eschews icons that look like physical objects (what people who like long words call ‘skeuomorphism’).

Designers Christian Lue and Ran Avni show how iOS 7 might incorporate ideas you often find on Android phones, such as panoramic backgrounds and a quick reply feature, which lets you apologise for sending a call to voicemail with a pre-set text.

Lue and Avni also have cool ideas to give Siri a boost, such as being able to set a playlist for an alarm, or expand its reading ability to include reading aloud the news from a website or RSS feed.

Our own Luke Westaway recently took a look at the prospects for iOS 7, including what it can learn from its rivals, the best-looking concepts from around the Web and
how it should feel like being on the swings.

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iOS 7: The features it needs


To find out for sure, we’ve only two weeks to wait — iOS 7 is likely to be shown off by Tim Cook in his keynote speech at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference on 10 June.

What would you like to see iOS 7 add? How can Apple bring back a little flutter of excitement to the iPhone? Feature your ideas down in the comments, or on our cleanly designed Facebook page.

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