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Sonos 4.1 update improves Spotify, playlist support

Now that Logitech’s Squeezebox is out of the picture, Sonos is one of the best streaming devices you can buy, but it hasn’t been without its niggles. One of the previous criticisms of the Sonos software was that playlist support was limited and couldn’t incorporate songs from Spotify; the newest software update promises to remedy this.

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The Sonos 4.1 update allows users to not only manage their Spotify playlists and playlist folders but also to create new Sonos playlists from multiple music sources.

Sonos says you can now select tracks from any music source and add them directly to your Sonos playlists, or even create a new one, all without using the queue.

The company has also improved access to new Spotify accounts. One of the most frustrating things about adding an account was that Sonos — like many streaming devices — didn’t allow a Facebook log-in. But the company says it now allows direct Facebook log-in which should simplify the previous process of creating a “fake” Facebook account for the device.

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