Editors’ Choice April 2009 winners

There’s just one winner of our Editors’ Choice award this month, and it’s Korean giant Samsung that takes the prize. Here’s what we thought of the winner.

Samsung BD-P3600We’re constantly frustrated by Blu-ray players’ slow performance. The Samsung BD-P3600 addresses that by being fast and efficient. BD Live loads quickly and works brilliantly, and the player itself can load a Blu-ray movie quicker than any other player.

We were also taken with the styling, which has a smart, modern feel. There are rounded corners everywhere and the machine will fit in extremely well with one of Samsung’s own TVs. It’s also sporting some funky menus, which look brilliant and are easy to use, and a remote control that makes getting around the player’s many features a pleasant experience.

It’s also got the benefit of analogue audio outputs for people with older AV receivers and a host of other handy features. It’s a great quality player, and the speed really makes putting on a Blu-ray movie a pleasant experience. One day, all Blu-ray players will be this good.

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