Digital radio outage in Sydney

Digital radio services (DAB+) in the Sydney area are currently down as engineers work to prepare for a “full-time” service, according to a digital radio spokesperson.

Digital Radio Plus — now with pure digital silence.(Credit: CRA)

A representative for Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) said the signal would be ready “as soon as we possibly can” and that it could take several days.

While the official switch-on date was originally 4 June this has changed on the Digital Radio Plus website to 16 June.

SBS Radio and ABC are expected to launch their own services on digital during the month of June.

The DAB+ signal has been in an extended test phase for several months in Sydney and has been powered down at night as engineers have investigated any potential television interference.

Sydney is the last service to come online with Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane having gone live in May.

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