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Zagat 3.0 for iPhone: Come and get it?

Is Zagat trying to out-Yelp Yelp? Probably, and the app certainly offers new, competitive services while trying to accomplish its aim.

Earlier this month we offered up a sneak peek of Zagat to Go 3.0 for iPhone. On Wednesday, the premium app for browsing restaurant and nightlife ratings ($9.99) became available in the App Store on iTunes and on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Zagat 3.0 for iPhone is a significant release that wraps in augmented reality, just like Yelp’s competing app does for iPhone 3GS phones (augmented reality won’t work on 3G phones for either app).

Zagat also arguably one-ups Yelp by offering an offline mode, and by adding complete reviews from the phone itself. But be forewarned–offline mode takes up a chunk of memory and is slowww to download, and anyone other than die-hard Zagat fans may be loathe to shell out $10 for quippy reviews. Read more about Zagat’s update for iPhone here.

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