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US Cellular tweaks Shared Connect data plans

US Cellular gives customers a price break on its data plans.

US Cellular on Tuesday shook up its Shared Connect plans, effectively giving customers more data for less money. Starting today, the new options are available to both new and existing subscribers.

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US Cellular faces stiff competition from a number of larger wireless providers. Each of the major players has its own incentives designed to steal away customers. While most carriers are content to pay off early termination fees or equipment balances, US Cellular tends to adjust its rate plans with more bang for the buck. This marks the second time in 2015 that US Cellular has made marked changes to its shared data plans.

Under the new structure the 1GB plan is now $25 per month, down from $30. Prices have been slashed by $5 to $10 on the low end with the bigger data buckets dropping by a full $30 per month.

As was the case before, the data pool pricing does not include the cost of smartphone connections. For plans of 10GB ($70) or higher, customers will add $15 per phone, per month. The cost is $20 per phone, per month for the 1GB, 3GB, and 6GB plans.

In addition to the lowered prices, US Cellular also streamlined its overall offerings. Out are the 8GB, 14GB, and 16GB options and in is a 15GB plan for $90 per month.

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