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Siri made to work on any phone, not just iPhone 4S

Fancy having a chat with Siri but don’t want to splash out on an iPhone 4S? Some cunning app experts have figured out a way to try out the voice-controlled assistant on any phone or tablet that run an app.

Siri is a new feature in Apple’s latest iPhone. Ask Siri a question, and it will perform a task, search for an answer, or give a glib reply.

Siri works by beaming your question to a central server, then sending the answer back to you — which is why it only works if you have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

That means the Siri app on your phone is just a front door, and Siri does its actual thinking elsewhere — so anyone working out to how open the front door with another phone or tablet can get Siri working on that device too.

And that’s precisely what the clever folks at Applidium claim to have done. In doing so, they’ve worked out how to make Siri work on a phone or tablet that isn’t an iPhone 4S.

They discovered that Siri sends the audio data from recording your voice to the central server, as well as assorted other information.

Applidium point out that Siri is pretty secure at checking that data sent to it is secure, and that an identifying marker comes from a genuine iPhone 4S. The team managed to get in thanks to a security loophole and some serious decoding of the complex data transmitted.

For the full skinny on Siri, check out Applidium’s guide to getting in. You can even try cracking Siri yourself, but do so at your own risk.

What would you do with Siri on another phone? What apps would you like to see powered by Siri? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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