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Samsung Galaxy S5 pre

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is even more eagerly anticipated than its predecessor. Pre-orders for the handset are a whopping 130 per cent higher than for the S4, according to Carphone Warehouse. And that’s just in the first three days, compared to a 10-day pre-registration period for the S4. Impressive.

“If these early pre-registration figures are anything to go by then customer interest is extremely high,” Carl Cowling, managing director of Carphone Warehouse said in a statement. “Samsung has clearly built up a very loyal fanbase and the Galaxy S5 looks set to become one of the biggest selling handsets ever. By introducing mobile payments, health and wellness functions and a host of other useful features, Samsung has created a device that will synchronise seamlessly across all aspects of a consumer’s life.”

You can register your interest for the S5 over at Carphone Warehouse, but it hasn’t priced up the handset yet. Unlocked Mobiles has though — it’ll cost £599.98 SIM free, and will go on sale on 11 April. We’re still waiting to hear what kind of tariffs it’ll be available on, though I wouldn’t expect them to be cheap.

The S5 will go head to head with Sony’s new flagship, the Xperia Z2. The Z2 goes on sale 10 days before the S5, and will be about £50 cheaper SIM free. These won’t be the only new flagships in town though. HTC is set to unveil its new HTC One on 25 March, so expect a release shortly afterwards. Looks like we’ve got a decent mobile scrap on our hands, just in time for spring. That’s what we like to see.

Which handset do you think will come out on top? Are they worth the money? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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