Moto 360 specs versus LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear S

The round Moto 360 is already on sale for $250.
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After months of waiting, Motorola finally launched its Moto 360 smartwatch . At the time we first learned of the event, the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear 2 were its most serious competitors. In just a few short months, the landscape has completely shifted, making way for Samsung and LG’s latest, the also-round LG G Watch R and the enormous, curved Samsung Gear S — both of which also launched the same week.

While Samsung and LG have the distribution and marketing clout to give the Moto 360 the chase, these aren’t the only watches to keep an eye on. An explosion of smartwatch activity means that Sony and Asus also unveiled their wares, and Apple’s iWatch is expected to debut within days.

For smartwatch supporters, this kind of development and competition couldn’t happen fast enough.

Moto 360 versus LG G Watch R versus Samsung gear S

Motorola Moto 360 LG G Watch R Samsung Gear S
Shape Round Round Square
OS Android Wear Android Wear Tizen
Display 1.56-inch LCD 1.3-inch P-OLED 2-inch AMOLED
Resolution 320 x 290 pixels (205ppi) 320 x 320 pixels 360 x 480 pixels, 2.0 inches (~300 ppi)
Dimensions 46mm diameter by 11.5mm N/A 39.8 x 58.3 x 12.5 mm
Weight 1.7 ounces/49 grams (leather) N/A N/A
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Plastic
Default strap Leather Leather Rubber
Removable band? Yes Yes Yes
Processor TI OMAP 3 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1GHz dual-core
Battery 320mAh 410mAh 300mAh
Sotrage 4GB internal storage, 512MB RAM 4GB internal storage, 512MB RAM 4GB internal storage, 512MB RAM
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy
Water resistant IP67 (30 minutes, 3 feet) IP67 (30 minutes, 3 feet) IP67 (30 minutes, 3 feet)
Colors Black, silver Black Black, white
Charging Wireless charging Charging cradle, Micro-USB Charging cradle, Micro-USB
Extras Pedometer, heart-rate monitor Heart-rate monitor 3G, Wi-Fi, heart-rate monitor, charger tops up battery
Price $250 TBA TBA

Article updated at 3:02pm PT to correct LG G Watch R specs.

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