Meet Logitech’s new Logi

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The Logi Blok cases come in multiple color options and range in price from $40 to $130.
David Carnoy/CNET

When Logitech announced last week that it was shifting to a new logo and adding new brand Logi, CNET readers and a lot of other people didn’t know quite what to make of the news. Nor were they sure how to pronounce Logi (Logitech has since clarified that it’s Low-gee).

Now we get the first products to appear under the Logi brand: the Blok family of square-cornered iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini accessories that are set to hit the market in August.

We got a first-hand look at the new cases and a drop-test demonstration that showed how their square corners, which feature “unique extra-absorbent polymers,” help your iPad withstand drops from up to six feet high onto surfaces as hard as concrete.

While they’re not the first cases to feature square corners, they do seem very protective. However, for the pretty steep price ($70 for the Protective Case, which converts to around £45 or AU$95), I prefer Speck’s Durafolio cases, which cost less.

logi-blok-keyboard-case.jpglogi-blok-keyboard-case.jpgEnlarge Image
The keyboard on the Keyboard Case attaches magnetically and is detachable, which is nice.
David Carnoy/CNET

Here are the highlights of the Logi Blok family, courtesy of Logitech’s marketing department:

The Logi Blok Protective Shell for iPad Air 2 and all models of iPad Mini — this is a protective shell that has “a simple and sleek design that is ultra-protective, yet maintains the integrity of the iPad to make it feel as though you’re holding the iPad without a case.” The Logi Blok Protective Shell will be available in black, red/violet or teal/blue for a suggested retail price of $39.99 (about £25 or AU$55).

The Logi Blok Protective Case for iPad Air 2 gives you the same drop protection as the protective shell, but adds a screen cover that converts into a stand that “firmly holds your iPad at any angle within a 50-degree range.” The Blok Protective Case will be available in black, red/violet or teal/blue for a suggested retail price of $69.99 (£45 or AU$95 converted).

The Logi Blok Protective Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 features a detachable screen cover/keyboard, as well as an integrated stand. The keyboard has a dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys. The Blok Protective Keyboard Case will be available in black or teal/blue for a suggested retail price of $129.99 (around £85 or AU$175).

All the new Logi cases are scheduled to be available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and select countries in Europe beginning in August.

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