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HTC One X enormo

One of the biggest and beefiest phones to come out of this year’s MWCHTC’s humungous One X — will be coming to O2’s network, the operator has confirmed.

It made the announcement in a tweet spotted by the chaps over at Reg Hardware.

O2 said it will be getting its hands on the HTC One X on 5 April — which is in line with HTC’s “early April” launch timeframe for the One X and the other two One-series devices, the One S and the One V. O2 hasn’t yet slapped a price tag on the One X.

The HTC One X is a beast of a phone, with a 4.7-inch display and a quad-core-plus-one multi-core chip which roundly spanks the dual-core competition. It’s also fully loaded with the latest and greatest version of Google’s Android OS — the sugary treat that’s a real mouthful to say (aka Ice Cream Sandwich).

And if that’s not enough, HTC has skinned this behemoth with a new version of its Sense UI — Sense 4.0 — which includes a fancy deck-of-cards style Recent Apps menu so you can cathartically flick past tasks off into the cyber abyss.

Also on board the One X is Beat Audio tech, as HTC continues its partnership with Dr Dre & co And sticking proudly out of the One X’s backside is an 8-megapixel snapper. HTC reckons it’s overhauled its camera tech, with a new image chip, lens and sensor — so we’ll be sure to get snapping when we get the One series devices in for review.

Are you desperate to get your hands on the One X? Or do all those multicores leave you cold? Tell us what you think in the comments below or big up the One X on our Facebook page — and check out our hands-on video below.

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HTC One X hands-on


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