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BlackBerry 10 phones leaked in video as RIM loses more cash

RIM may well have delayed the launch of BB10 and the new range of BlackBerry smart phones, but pictures of two new BlackBerry devices — one Qwerty and one touchscreen — have leaked.

The phones were spied in a video that was spotted and nabbed by BlackBerry news site CrackBerry, which unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) has subsequently taken it down. Our colleagues over at CNET in the US have seen the phones in question though, and have confirmed the leaked devices match those pictured in the leak, so have a good ogle now if you’re hoping to upgrade when the time comes.

The phones are the first of two of six rumoured to be unveiled next year packing the new BB10 software. The touchscreen is probably the BlackBerry London, which if rumours are correct will have a 768×1,280-pixel resolution display, with the Qwerty handset most likely to be the BlackBerry Nevada, a replacement for the current Bold series.

All subsequent BB10 phones will be served up with standard resolutions of 720×1,280 pixels for touchscreen devices and 720×720 pixels for Qwerty blowers, which will make life easier for app developers.

The software promises many new features such as gestures, a swanky on-screen keyboard and some intriguing camera options. Unfortunately, it’s now well behind schedule following several delays, and is currently due to launch early next year. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins is convinced BB10 will be the beleaguered phone-maker’s saviour, even going so far as to boldly state that he believes it will “win” against Android and iPhone.

RIM also released its Q2 results yesterday and while it wasn’t good news, the damage was nowhere near as dreadful as expected. The Canadian company reported a loss of more than $235m, according to Pocket-lint — and while that sounds pretty devastating, share prices actually rocketed by 18 per cent, so strangely enough RIM had cause to celebrate.

Even weirder is the news that people are still buying the ill-fated PlayBook tablets — RIM shifted 130,000 of them in the last quarter, along with 7.4 million BB7 devices. A leaked BlackBerry 2013 roadmap tells us to expect a new 4G PlayBook by the end of this year and a new tablet known as the Blackforest later next year.

Do you think BlackBerry 10 will revive RIM’s fortunes, or is it all wishful thinking? Let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

Image credit: CrackBerry

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