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Apple’s iPhone 6 could be NFC capable, report says

The iPhone 5S.

Amid the mad dash to reveal features of the iPhone 6, the latest report on the expected smartphone focuses on its connectivity capabilities.

AppleInsider over the weekend said the anticipated iPhone 6 will include NFC, also known as near-field communications. The technology is most often discussed in connection with mobile payments — with people swiping their phones at a register to make a payment — but it can be used for other things. Rumors Apple would integrate NFC into its phones have been around for years, but this report could have particular significance as Apple is predicted to unveil its own mobile-payments service soon. Many companies have been dabbling with NFC, and several rival smartphones already support it.


Additionally, the weekend report said the iPhone 6 would include a newer version of Wi-Fi, known as 802.11ac. This flavor of Wi-Fi is designed to exceed data-transfer rates of 1 gigabit per second by sending multiple simultaneous streams of data from access points to devices. Apple equipped its latest MacBook Airs and AirPort routers with this version of Wi-Fi, and other companies have introduced routers and networking gear using it, as well. Still, the technology is only just starting to gain momentum.

Rumors on the capabilities and components of the highly anticipated iPhone 6 have been heating up amid expectations Apple will unveil its next smartphone around September. The company is widely expected to come out with two models — one a 4.7-inch version and, later, a 5.5-inch version — as it tries to keep up with a trend toward bigger-display smartphones and also maintain a top position in the market.

Other recent rumors have claimed the iPhone 6 would include a higher-resolution camera and a sapphire glass display.

An Apple representative didn’t respond to a request for comment. The company, for its part, hasn’t confirmed the existence of the iPhone 6.

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