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Apple 10 September iPhone event is official, invites go out

At last, it’s official. Apple has sent out the invites for an event on Tuesday, 10 September, when it’s expected to launch not one but two new iPhones.

In keeping with the leaks we’ve seen so far, Apple has chosen a colourful theme for the invites. Look at all the hues in there. The tagline reads: “This should brighten everyone’s day.” Which suggests at least some of those leaked snaps of colourful iPhones we’ve seen were on the money.

The budget iPhone — known at the moment as the iPhone 5C — is expected to come in a range of colours, making it a brighter, younger, more fun option to its more sober bigger brother. Though even the standard iPhone should get some new shades. The iPhone 5S has been snapped in champagne gold and gunmetal grey, as well as the standard black and white the iPhone 5 comes in.

Earlier in the summer, Apple unveiled iOS 7, which has a colourful new look. So bright new handsets would be in keeping with the new operating system. Apple’s range of iPod touch and iPod nano MP3 players are also much brighter than its other devices.

iOS 7 has so far only been available for developers and techy types, but on Tuesday Apple should announce a release date for us regular Joes. Tipsters reckon iOS 7 will be out on 18 September, with the new iPhones following a couple of days later, on 20 September.

As well as a slight bump in specs, the iPhone 5S is expected to have a fingerprint scanner built in. This would give you one-touch access to Websites without having to enter your password every time. Lose your phone? No need to worry, as ne’er-do-wells won’t be able to use it. Unless they… No, let’s not go there.

We’ll be on hand to bring you all the announcements as they happen. Are you excited about the Apple event? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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