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Don’t Think About Shopping at Best Buy Without Trying This Money

While new technology is always welcomed, expensive products that hurt your wallet are not. Not only can you get your hands on cutting-edge gadgets, you can also do it without breaking the bank. Best Buy’s discount on electronics is a well-kept secret that we’re letting you in on to save you money and keep up with trends. 

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So where do you find consistent discounts at Best Buy? Three words: Best Buy Outlet. What makes Best Buy’s Outlet so great is that it reduces the time you would spend searching the web for deals. So you’ll have more time for the things that matter to you, including spending time with family over the holidays. 

If you’re new to the Best Buy Outlet, you’re in the right place. Shopping at this outlet is simple, and we will walk you through each step. While you’re here, if you want to learn how to save money on Amazon, check out our tips on guide on subscribe and save, hidden coupons and StockX.

What is Best Buy Outlet?

Webpage screenshot showing open-box and clearance deals on displayWebpage screenshot showing open-box and clearance deals on display

Best Buy Outlet deals available from open-box to refurbished electronics.

Best Buy

Best Buy Outlet is a retail space with discounts on top brand products. All the things you’ll find here are items you can get online without ever leaving your home. 

Best Buy groups these outlet deals as open-box, refurbished and clearance items. There are 12 outlet categories in which you can shop for new items. A few outlet categories, include:

  • Computer and tablets
  • Cellphones
  • Video games
  • Home and office
  • Appliances
  • Health, fitness and beauty

While the majority of what you’ll find are traditional tech products, you can find deals in many areas. Best Buy swaps open-box and clearance items weekly. 

Best Buy Outlet Deals – Save big

With Best Buy Outlet you can get like-new electronics, accessories and more at a large discount. Be sure to check back often, as stock levels are constantly changing and new inventory is added regularly.

See at Best Buy

What’s the difference between open-box, clearance and refurbished products?  

If you’re in the market for some new gadgets, it’s important to know the difference between open-box, clearance and refurbished products. Depending on what you want, one option might be better to shop for your products than the other. Below, we’ll look at the distinctions between the three:

  • Open-box items are previously owned by customers and returned under Best Buy Return & Exchange Promise.
  • Refurbished items are previously owned, inspected and restored like-new.
  • Clearance are discontinued products at the end of its stock.

If you want a new laptop, shopping clearance, for example, will prevent potential issues you can find with refurbished equipment. But snagging earbuds and headphones refurbished can save sometimes half off select gear. Meanwhile, the price for open-box items such as those from Apple drops significantly once it’s open.

What’s the quality like for Best Buy Outlet products?

To be clear, all products sold by Best Buy Outlet have quality grades, even refurbished electronics. Some of these products have high-quality ratings while others can be a bit lower. For example, all refurbished products go through repairs and product testing before they’re available for purchase. 

That said, when you’re buying refurbished, you’re going into your purchase knowing that an item might now be restored as the highest quality. Here’s how Best Buy describes the quality of each:

  • Open-box products are excellent-certified, excellent, satisfactory or fair condition.
  • Refurbished product conditions aren’t available (this is because it depends on the item itself).
  • Clearance is always in new condition.

So what does each product condition quality range mean? The breakdown is as follows:

  • Excellent-certified electronics are Geek Squad Certified based on inspection and testing to ensure they’re like-new. All original parts and accessories are included and have the original box.
  • Excellent products have no physical issues or dings and have original parts, accessories and original box.
  • Satisfactory products have visible (but minor) wear and tear. There are no dents, scratches or cracks, but they don’t come with original packaging, parts or accessories.
  • Fair products will have significant and visible wear and tear. There might be issues, but they won’t impede a product’s use.

The other benefits you get shopping for Best Buy Outlet products 

Last but not least, another important aspect of Best Buy Outlet products is understanding that you still will receive benefits for your purchase. No matter how you shop, you will be able to return and exchange your products. And you still will get Best Buy points and a warranty too. 

Now you know the Best Buy trick that will save you money on your next big purchase. Should you decide to shop elsewhere, check out our shopping tips for Wayfair or learn how to save on shipping fees today.

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