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If you’re looking for a deal on a cheap portable Bluetooth speaker or headphone, it doesn’t get better than this. Tribit, which makes decent products at already budget prices, is having a one-day sale on Amazon. These are the lowest prices we’ve seen on these speakers and headphones. I’ve tried them all.

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Sarah Tew/CNET

Deal price: $27.99 (usually $39.99)

XFree Tune Bluetooth headphones

This top value in over-ear wireless headphones is $12 off. You won’t find better sound or build quality for this price in an over-ear wireless headphone.

CNET review.


$54 at Amazon

Sarah Tew/CNET

Deal price: $39.19 (usually 55.99)

Tribit MaxSound Plus

I called the the Tribit MaxSound Plus one of the best sounding portable Bluetooth speakers under $60. Today only it’s under $40.

CNET review.


$39 at Amazon

Sarah Tew/CNET

Deal price: $48.99 (usually $69.99)

Tribit StormBox

This speaker reminds me of a cross between a JBL Flip speaker and a UE Boom speaker. I think the MaxSound Plus sounds a little better but this speaker has the better design. It’s $20 off.

$49 at Amazon

Sarah Tew/CNET

Deal price: $23.09 (usually $32.99)

Tribit XSound Go

Until the larger MaxSound Plus came out, this was among my favorite budget mini Bluetooth speakers. It doesn’t have as much bass as the MaxSound Plus, but it’s a good little speaker that’s a real bargain at $23.09 or $10 off.

CNET review.


$23 at Amazon

Sarah Tew/CNET

Deal price: $32.19 (usually $45.99)

Tribit X1 true wireless earbuds

If you’re looking to take a flyer on a pair of cheap true wireless earphones, the X1 is a good bet. If you get a good fit (tight seal) it sounds quite decent for the money. With all these in-ear true wireless earphones, the fit is the key and these guys will fit some people better than others. It’s also worth noting that the battery life isn’t great at around 3 hours. But the charging case is compact and they only cost $32.19 today.

$32 at Amazon

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