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Southern and central NSW waves analog TV farewell

Some residents in southern and central NSW may have returned home, only to be shocked when they switched their TVs on last night.

It had nothing to do with the wild and windy weather that was lashing much of the state, rather, it’s because at 9am yesterday (5 June 2012) both government and commercial broadcasters ceased broadcasting in both digital and analog formats.

Without any fanfare, the ABC, SBS, Prime7, WIN and Southern Cross flicked the power off on their analog transmitters and began broadcasting their suite of channels exclusively in digital. Major centres affected by the switch over include Canberra, Cooma, Dubbo, Eden, Griffith, Hay, Orange, Thredbo, Ulladulla, Wagga Wagga and Wollongong.

The next step in the phased analog switch off will occur on 27 November 2012, in northern NSW.

For more information on when your region will switch to purely digital TV broadcasts, check out CNET Australia’s comprehensive switchover guide.

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