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3D-capable TVs were all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. CNET staffers who saw them were underwhelmed, but that hasn’t stopped vendors like Sony pushing ahead with the technology.

(3D Glasses image by Harry Fodor, royalty free)

At a Sony Blu-ray briefing in Sydney this morning, visiting Japanese honcho Yoshinami Takahashi, the deputy senior general manager, Home Entertainment Group, Sony Corporation, confirmed that 3D Blu-ray discs and players would most likely hit the market in October or November of 2010.

Takahashi said that the movie studios were close to reaching agreement on the final format for 3D Blu-ray, a decision he predicted would be finalised by the end of 2009.* He then thought it would be another nine months for Sony Blu-ray-capable players to enter the market. A 3D-capable television and the familiar 3D glasses, of course, are still critical elements of the mix.

When asked what he thought studios were planning for 3D Blu-ray content, Takahashi conceded that shorter-length content was more suited to the technology. As many viewers suffer from headaches and nausea watching full length movies in 3D, documentaries and animated shorts would probably be in greater demand.**

Following publication of this story, Sony issued the following points of clarification:

* “If the 3D Blu-ray format, which is currently being tested, is confirmed and goes into production, we would be hoping to see 3D Blu-ray players by the end of next year, however, nothing has been confirmed as yet.”

** “Sony would like to point out that they will ensure all testing is done prior to the launch of 3D to ensure consumers have the best experience with this new technology and the range of 3D content.”

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