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Sky Sports £10 day pass now on Apple TV

Sky’s £10 day pass to Sky Sports is now available on Apple TV, the company has announced. Your crisp tenner buys you 24 hours of live sporting action via your little square box, with no contract.

The pass starts the moment you pay for it, and gives you direct feeds of all six Sky Sports channels, so you can watch a couple of football matches on a Sunday, take in a whole one-day cricket match or see men in bright trousers going for a walk.

It’s all done through iTunes, so you don’t need to give Sky your credit card details.

Big sports events coming up include the Champions League games ITV doesn’t have, the League Cup, rugby’s Heineken Cup and the Super Bowl. If you’re interested in a real sport that doesn’t involve grown men throwing themselves to the ground, there’s the World Darts Championship from Allie Pallie.

For the complete masochist, Sky’s also showing the final two five-day test matches in the disastrous already decided Ashes series against Australia, which are surely only of interest to the most terminal insomniacs.

£10 for a single day of TV coverage seems very steep, and it is, but it’s much better than paying £43.50 per month if you hardly ever watch it. For people only interested in one specific sport, like Formula One, for example, it makes much more sense.

If you don’t have Apple’s media streamer, Sky’s own Now TV Box is only a tenner, turning any old telly into a smart TV. Sky’s services are the only ones you can pay for on it, but it has a bunch of free stuff too, including BBC iPlayer. A monthly pass to Sky Movies, which has newer stuff than Netflix or Lovefilm, will cost you £9.

What do you think of Sky’s day pass? Is it too expensive? Should more sport be on terrestrial TV? Is BT a better deal? Reveal your game plan in the comments, or over on our trophy-winning Facebook page.

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