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Samsung maxes out TV energy ratings

Samsung has announced that its new 6 and 7 series LCD televisions have achieved a minimum of five stars out of six under the new Energy Rating Scheme — beating Sony’s “green” television.

The 7 series “LED TV” achieved the highest ratings with the 55-inch UA55B7100 (AU$5799) achieving a maximum of six stars. Meanwhile, the 40-inch UA40B7100 (AU$3899) reached a five-star rating, and the 46-inch UA46B7100 a 5.5-star rating.

Sony’s much-hyped WE series with a HCFL backlight, presence sensor, and hard “on/off” switch only managed 4.5 stars.

In October 2009, Energy Star ratings will be compulsory on all televisions, and appliances that exceed the current six stars will be allowed to be rated to a maximum of 10.

“Samsung is extremely proud to be playing a lead role in an industry which is increasingly conscious of energy consumption levels and environmental impacts of raw materials”, said Mark Leathan, head of marketing, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“The beauty of the Samsung LED TV range is that picture quality, brightness and connectivity are in no way compromised despite remarkable levels of energy efficiency. Samsung LED TVs use up to 40 per cent less power than an equivalent-sized LCD TV and we’re delighted that our customers will see a financial saving as a result”, he said.

The Samsung series 6 and 7 televisions are available now. Look out for a full review of the UA40B7100 on CNET Australia very soon.

Samsung’s 55-inch TV has achieved a maximum six-star rating.
(Credit: Samsung)

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