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Get an Aries Matrix wireless HD transmitter for $149.99



Planning to mount your TV on a wall? Hope you like cables, because you’re probably going to be looking at a lot of them snaking out from the back. And even if you run them inside the wall, here’s hoping you can place all your connected components — cable box, Roku box, game console, and so on — close enough to reach, without being a total eyesore.

Nah. Time to consider a different kind of cord-cutting, a wireless adapter that allows your home-theater gear to reside just about anywhere — and greatly reduces cord clutter.

Like this one: ShopTronics has the Nyrius Aries Matrix NAVM6 wireless HDMI transmitter for $149.99 shipped when you apply coupon code NAVM6CNET at checkout. Regular price: $299.99. Cheapskate exclusive!

The NAVM6 consists of two main components: a receiver that plugs into one of your TV’s HDMI ports, and a transmitter with an effective range of about 65 feet.

That transmitter has four HDMI inputs and two sets of component inputs, which means you can also use this kit as an HDMI switch: If your TV has only two or three HDMI ports, bam — now it has four. (Plus whatever’s left on the TV itself, of course.)

The gear can handle full 1080p video and promises lag-free performance, which is especially important for gaming. The included IR remote extender means you should have no trouble using your existing remote(s), while the Matrix’s own remote is logically designed, with grouped, numeric buttons for easy switching between the six inputs.

This could also be a great asset for anyone installing a home-theater projector, again letting you stream up to six sources while needing just one cable (and power, natch). The receiver even comes with mounting screws so you can easily affix it to a wall or ceiling.

CNET hasn’t reviewed the NAVM6, but over at Amazon it scored 4.2 stars out of 5 from about two dozen buyers. I had the chance to demo a unit, and it worked like a charm with my four sources: TiVo, Apple TV, Roku box, and PS3. Your mileage may vary, of course, but this is a smokin’ deal on a genuinely useful home-theater accessory. The coupon code is good through July 3.

Bonus deal: I’m not entirely sure of the numeric significance, but today and tomorrow only, Amazon is giving away 31 Android apps that have a combined value of over $100. Among the highlights: media-streaming app Plex, classic game Sonic the Hedgehog 2, remote-access utility Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, and because pinball on a phone or tablet is more fun than you think, Pinball Deluxe Premium.

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