Foxtel offers TV downloads for free

Foxtel subscribers will soon be able to watch all of their channels on PC for free with the launch of the Foxtel Download service.

The new service appeared on the Foxtel site today, and promises catch-up programs as well as access to all of the channels in a customer’s package with “picture and sound equivalent to the Foxtel TV service”. The site promises the ability to download TV programs (presumably to keep) and “100s of movies” on-demand (for an extra fee) with the installation of Foxtel’s proprietary player.

Foxtel is expected to announce that BigPond users will be able to use Download unmetered and it’s hoped other ISPs would also follow suit. However, it appears that one likely ISP, Internode, has not yet engaged in talks.

“No, we have not been approached about this. Yes, we would welcome a conversation with them should they wish to engage in one,” said Simon Hackett, managing director of Internode.

ISP’s Internode and iPrimus currently offer ABC’s iView service unmetered for their users.

The service is expected to be formally announced on 29 September — along with the long-anticipated iQ2Go and a new selection of HD channels.

Representatives from Foxtel were unavailable for comment.

Foxtel subscribers get their own version of catch-up TV with the imminent launch of Foxtel Download
(Credit: Foxtel)

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