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Amazon set

Amazon is reportedly plotting a spring debut for its long-rumoured set-top box — a device that, if it proves real, will go head to head with Apple TV.

Back in October, word emerged that the online super-retailer had delayed its streaming TV box until after Christmas. A new report at Recode cites unnamed ‘industry sources’ who are apparently partnering with Amazon, and notes that the Kindle-maker is now aiming for a March release.

Not much is known about Amazon’s rumoured set-top box, but like Apple TV or the Roku box, it would almost certainly plug into your telly to stream movies and TV shows over the Internet.

Even if the mythical box does prove real, it’s possible that it won’t be headed to the UK for a while, as Amazon has a habit of keeping its products US-only to start with.

That said, Amazon today announced sweeping reforms to its UK streaming offering, with Lovefilm Instant becoming Amazon Prime Instant Video, a service that will be offered bundled with Amazon’s Prime free one-day delivery for a total of £79 per year.

Amazon has a competitive selection of movies and TV shows to offer, especially in the US (that screenshot above shows some of the programming available to US customers), so will be keen to find a way onto the big screen in our living rooms. Another major rival is Netflix, which is available in app form on an impressive roster of smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and games consoles.

Would you buy an Amazon set-top box? Let me know in the comments.

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