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MiFrame: The ultimate iPad picture frame?

The MiFrame puts your iPad in its place--then displays an ordinary photo when it's away.
The MiFrame puts your iPad in its place–then displays an ordinary photo when it’s away.
Striped Sail

You can hang your iPad on your fridgestrap it to the back of a seat, and even mount it under a kitchen cabinet. But what about simply putting a frame around it?

That’s the idea behind Striped Sail’s MiFrame, which docks, charges, and accentuates the iPad–and functions as a plain old picture frame when your tablet isn’t around.

As you probably know, your iPad already has a pretty awesome Picture Frame mode. But a docked iPad can also display stock updates, weather reports, your latest tweets, animated landscapes, and a lot more. (See our list of five killer apps for your docked iPad.)

The MiFrame provides a photo-frame-style home for your iPad, standing it upright and charging it via a standard dock connector. A 5-foot USB cable supplies AC power via your iPad wall wart. You can position it in either portrait or landscape orientation, though switching between them does require a bit more than just rotating the frame–you have to perform a bit of reassembly.

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Indeed, just putting the iPad into the MiFrame or taking it out again requires you to remove the front panel (the frame part). It looks like a fairly easy operation, though I do think it would prove to be a hassle to carry out frequently.

But here’s where the MiFrame has an edge over other iPad photo-frame products: it keeps an ordinary 8×10 photo behind the iPad, so when you remove the latter, you’ve still got a nice, functional picture frame–rather than a weird-looking empty box.

The MiFrame is available in silver for the iPad 1 and silver or black for the iPad 2. Whichever version you choose, it’ll run you $79. That seems a little steep, but remember that you’re getting not only a stylish frame for your iPad, but also a dock, a stand, a charger, and an actual picture frame. This could make a nice gift item for the iPad owner in your life.

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