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iPhone 5 is for old fogies, says new Samsung Galaxy S3 ad

“The next big thing is already here,” says Samsung — and it ain’t the iPhone 5. In a new advert for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung is once again taking aim at Apple fans, suggesting the iPhone is for old folks.

In the ad, credulous hipsters queue for a new phone, white earbuds demonstrating their loyalty, even though Apple is never actually named. The queue-bunnies discuss the revelatory properties of a new headphone jack and dock connector, only to grow more and more disillusioned as they get closer to the front.

The real kicker is that a guy with a Samsung Galaxy S3 is revealed to be saving a place in the queue — for his parents! Hey kids — the iPhone is for old fogies! Meanwhile, the S3 is shown beaming a playlist between two hip young bucks using the Android Beam NFC feature.

Click play below to see Samsung take a swing at the iPhone 5:

You’d think Samsung would have learned to just let its kit speak for itself, especially when that kit is as smoking hot as the excellent Galaxy S3. A recent advert listing the features of the two phones backfired when fans pointed out the list omitted important features such as the iPhone’s superior pixel density, or any comparison between their two app stores.

The problem with ads attacking a rival is they feel a bit desperate. As the features listed in the advert show, the S3 has a lot going for it and deserves to stand on its own — so why advertise it in reaction to an inferior rival?

Of course, that’s not to say Apple is above bashing the competition… Apple just saves it for the courtroom.

C’mon guys, let’s rise above this petty squabbling — and let’s stop taking snide pokes at potential customers.

What do you think of the Samsung advert? Does Samsung have a point about the lack of changes in the iPhone, or does the advert miss the point entirely? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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