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Tablets with stylus: Here are the best ones

Some people just prefer the handiness of a stylus; maybe you’re an artist who draws online comics, a writer who depends on handwritten notes or a germophobe who doesn’t want to smudge the screen too much.

Whatever the reason, you have a few options if you’re interested in buying a tablet you can scribble on. Below you’ll find a list of Windows, Android and iOS tablets that might suit your needs. Just note that some styluses, like most accessories, are sold separately.


The Surface Pro is still one of the best tablet hybrids to get.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Microsoft Surface Pro

The latest Microsoft Surface Pro model got a meek update earlier this year with 7th gen Intel processors and better battery life. Unfortunately, the Surface Pen stylus no longer ships with the tablet. It’s now another accessory to buy on top of the new, must-have keyboard cover, which is more expensive than ever. Despite all this, it remains the gold standard of Windows hybrid PCs.

samsung-galaxy-tab-s3-5694-001.jpgsamsung-galaxy-tab-s3-5694-001.jpgEnlarge Image

The best tablet for watching TV comes with a free stylus.

Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 ($160 at Amazon)

Just because the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a stylus doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. The 9.7-inch tablet has one of the best screens on any tablet for watching HD video, and the included S Pen stylus feels silky smooth when writing notes (or coloring) on the tablet. 


The HP Spectre x2 is bundled with the stylus and keyboard.

Sarah Tew/CNET

HP Spectre x2

Don’t want to buy the stylus and keyboard separately? The HP Spectre x2 is a good option — as long as you don’t need it for serious creative work. It’s battery life is also a bit lackluster, but other than that it’s a solid, lightweight alternative to a laptop.


Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro comes in two sizes: the extra large 12.9-inch model and the new 10.5-inch version. Aspiring artist? Apple‘s biggest fan? Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil is an excellent stylus that’s comfortable to use and great for graphic designers and other creative professionals. Of course, it’s sold separately. 

Microsoft Surface LaptopMicrosoft Surface Laptop

Not exactly a tablet, but you can use it as one.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Microsoft Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book is more laptop than tablet, thanks to its Performance Base. It comes with a stylus, so anyone interested in more of a part-time tablet and full-time laptop should definitely take note (pun intended). 


Unlike the Surface Pro, the Galaxy Book includes its keyboard and stylus in its base price.

Josh Miller

Samsung Galaxy Book

Not to be confused with the Microsoft Surface Book above, the Samsung Galaxy Book is like a Windows 10 ($144 at Amazon) tablet packed inside the body of an iPad. It includes the keyboard and stylus (the same one that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3) in its base price, however its keyboard case doesn’t hold a candle to the Surface Pro’s set of keys. 

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