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First things first: You’ve got just one more day to enter the NeatConnect scanner giveaway contest! As of right now, there are under 4,000 entries, so your chances are pretty darn good.

Second things second: What can I tell you about audiobooks that I haven’t already said a dozen times? If you’re taking a long trip, be it by car, train, plane, or whatever, there’s no better way to pass the time. (Well, OK, conversation, maybe, but only if you’re sitting with someone really interesting.)

Audible is widely regarded as the best audiobook service out there, and $14.95 per month for a one-book subscription is not a bad deal. But here’s an even better one.

For a limited time, you can get three months of Audible Gold for $1.95 per month when you apply coupon code TZ2014. That’s a grand total of $5.85 for a subscription that would normally cost you nearly $45. And if you decide not to continue, you’ll walk away with three audiobooks.

Surprisingly, this deal is good not just for new customers, but for previous members as well. (If you’re a current member, I don’t see why you couldn’t cancel, then sign up again via this offer. That’s gaming the system a bit, but that’s how you earn your cheapskate bona fides, right?)

Whatever the case, you’ll start getting billed the regular $14.95 starting with month four — unless you remember to cancel, so mark your calendar.

Of course, you may not want to. Once you get accustomed to listening to a good book while passing time in traffic, you won’t want to commute without one. My top recommendation? “The Good Earth,” by Pearl S. Buck. It may be “literature,” but it’s a terrific story and just riveting from start to finish. And speaking of riveting, try “Unbroken.” You won’t want to get out of your car.

What’s your favorite audiobook? Hit the comments and share some recommendations.

Bonus deal: Make the computer as small as you want, but give me a big monitor every time. Like this one: For a limited time, Best Buy has the AOC E2752VH 27-inch LED monitor for $169.99 shipped (plus tax). Specs include 1080p native resolution, built-in speakers, HDMI and VGA inputs, and a three-year warranty (though just one on the panel). And check out the nearly 200 user reviews, which average out to 4.5 stars.

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