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Sonos gets Murfie CD

Sonos has announced support for music service Murfie, which is a site that enables users to store their physical CD collection offsite and stream or sell the CDs through the cloud.

Users can stream their ripped CDs or, for a dollar, download them in a number of formats including FLAC. Until today, the only way a Murfie user could stream a collection was via a Web browser, but the dedicated Murfie plug-in means you can use your Sonos controller wirelessly around the house.

Murfie works by enabling users to mail their CDs in and rip them and have them stored in the company’s warehouse. The CDs are ripped in any format the user chooses, including FLAC. Users can only stream the CDs they physically own and if the CDs are sold through the site the user will need to delete the copies made — this is how Murfie stays within the law.

Murfie seems like a great way for storage-space-starved music lovers to keep their collections to hand — perfect for New Yorkers!

“Partnering with Sonos was a logical next step in our efforts to seamlessly and securely enable our users to transport and listen to their valuable CD collections from anywhere and on any device,” said Murfie CEO Matt Younkle.

Murfie was launched in August 2011, and now plays host to more than 250,000 compact discs. Meanwhile, Sonos launched its first players in 2005 and now claims to be able to “play all the music on earth” with access to services such as Spotify MOG and Pandora.

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