Tom Krazit

Free Android phones coming to Adobe employees

This will come as little surprise to anyone who followed technology news this week, but let there be no doubt about the preferred smartphone platform at Adobe: it isn’t the iPhone. Adobe hasn’t decided on which Android phone–such as HTC’s Incredible–to give employees, but wants to encourage Android use internally. CNET Adobe confirmed Thursday that …

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Patent fights could change Google’s Android pitch

Microsoft has now joined Apple in a guerrilla war against Google’s Android, and Google’s next steps are far from certain. The smartphone industry is still in its infancy, but its strategic importance to computer companies big and small can’t be overstated. Recent moves from Apple and Microsoft show that the big guys are not going to be shy about deploying …

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AT&T resumes online iPhone sales in NY

AT&T has resumed selling iPhones through its Web site to New York City customers, with no indication as to what prompted the halt. Over the holiday weekend, New Yorkers who tried to order an iPhone through AT&T’s Web site were left out in the cold. Making matters worse, explanations ranged from network congestion problems to online fraud to this fine …

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