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Meet 82-Year-Old Kere Kamegowda, The Man Who Single-Handedly Built 14 Tanks To Conserve Water

Those who traverse the Bengaluru-Malavalli-Kollegal Road to reach temples and hill stations of Chamarajanagar district, have heard of one name spoken of with reverence as they enter Malavalli taluk: Kere Kamegowda. Here, Kamegowda is a legend, and it is easy to find his residence, located inside Dasanadoddi hamlet which is full of hattis (traditional makeshift …

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Another Taj Mahal: Farmer Builds 'Temple Of Love' In Wife's Memory Where He Worships Her Idol

Building a temple in his village was a labour of love for Raju alias Rajuswamy since it was his wife’s ardent wish. But it wasn’t complete until he installed an idol of hers in the temple and worshipped her along with the deities. “Our love was divine,” he said. People from even nearby villages now visit Krishnapura village of Yellandur …

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