Monisha Ravisetti

NASA’s Webb Telescope Spots Galaxies Merging Around ‘Monster’ Black Hole

Now that we have a powerful lens pointed toward the deepest regions of the universe at all times, our definition of “surprise” has slightly altered when it comes to astronomy pics.  It’s no longer surprising, really, when NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope reveals yet another brilliant, ancient piece of the cosmos. At this point, we know …

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NASA Enhances Webb Space Telescope Images With X

NASA’s multibillion-dollar James Webb Space Telescope reached its gravitational safe space a million miles from Earth in January. It began taking our breath away in July. One by one, astonishing vignettes of a glimmering universe started decking our screens, each image somehow more thought-provoking and beautiful than the last. However, I’d argue the telescope’s seminal masterpieces will always occupy a special corner …

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