Moinuddin Ahmad

101 Not Out: This Centenarian Has Witnessed All Elections Since 1946 And Inspires Us To Vote

We look up to our elders to get solution for the many problems we face in our lives. How about seeking their advice in the political decisions that we make? Well, even if we keep our choices secret we can definitely talk about the candidates from our area. There are some elders who help us …

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‘Sardar Patel Stands Misappropriated, His Politics Was Not About Exclusion Of Minorities’

Seven decades after the independence from the British colonisers and the subsequent partition as a result of confessional demands, Hindu-Muslim religious identities are being discussed like never before. The post-partition India became a home for various religious groups numerically led by the majority Hindu community. A Large number of Muslims, despite having a change to migrate to ‘Muslim’ Pakistan, chose …

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