Matt Oxley

Whaddyareckon?: The End

Crank up Green Day’s Time of Your Life and keep the aloe vera tissues close to hand, because it’s time for the final instalment of Whaddyareckon? Yes, after two seasons, 51 episodes, hours of chasing down interviewees in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall and much energy expended shooing away school kids who run in front of …

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Whaddyareckon?: Where have all the Trekkies gone?

Now that gadgets and the internet are an essential part of our lives, the notion of geekdom is largely moot. Nerdy, cultish pop-culture predilections are no longer so niche — the 2009 Star Trek movie, being directed by Lost‘s J.J. Abrams, will bring the franchise to a generation that missed The Next Generation. So where, then, does that leave the …

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Whaddyareckon?: Home theatre vs movie theatre

An outing to the cinema is a good night out for all. Watching an epic flick from a comfy seat, equipped with a bucket of cola and a trough of popcorn: what’s not to love? Well, perhaps the mobile phones that pierce the darkness with shrill ringtone versions of top 40 hits. Or those irritating kids that talk through the …

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