Joshua Rotter

Cinco de Mayo: 5 apps to get your drinks delivered

Cinco de Mayo may be a big drinking holiday in the US (much grander than in Mexico, in fact). But why do we clink margarita glasses every May 5? The fifth of May marks the day the Mexican Army defeated French invaders at the Battle of Puebla, back in 1862. No, it’s not, as some …

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9 best apps for building presentations in iOS

Slideshow presentations can be notoriously snooze-worthy. Nearly all of us can remember sitting patiently while someone flipped through a seemingly endless stream of slides. Most people have realized that when it comes to presentations, less is more and being visual is better than putting all of our bullet points in each slide. Our tools for creating presentations have also taken …

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The 10 best Facebook alternatives for Android and iOS

Facebook hasn’t been very fun for the last few years. From political fighting to fake news to privacy concerns, many users are logging on less and others are deleting their accounts altogether. For those who primarily use Facebook today but are looking for alternatives, we’ve put together a list of the best options—from the most popular challengers to a few …

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