Jonathan Garnham

Real Pokemon pokeballs you can throw in battles are the next big thing

Now playing: Watch this: Pikachu go! Finally, a real Pokemon pokeball you can… 1:04 Out of all the toys at the 2017 Toy Fair in London, the item that excited me the most were the Throw ‘n’ Pop Pokeballs. Made by Tomy, the object of the game is to let your ball fly, unleash your …

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These are the techy, geeky toys to watch for in 2017

Now playing: Watch this: Check out the best techy, geeky toys of 2017 2:09 Tiny VR-enabled drones, inflatable Star Wars droids and a nippy electric skateboard were our favourites from this year’s London Toy Fair. The largest toy showcase in the UK, the Toy Fair sees brands from all over the world gather to show off what they think will …

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