Jim Kerstetter

Smartwatches: The next big thing or this year’s fad?

When product designers at Martian Watches began development of their Martian Passport smartwatch, they made a risky decision to give the watch a traditional, stylish, and very analog look. It’s a design decision that, not surprisingly, has led the consumer-electronics crowd to ding Martian Watches and prompted the fashion-focused crowd to applaud the Irvine, Calif.-based …

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Sprint’s Dan Hesse just got a warning notice from his board

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse should probably think about doing some networking on LinkedIn. Today’s Wall Street Journal has a rare, insider-rich piece targeting Hesse. A betting man would say his own board of directors had a lot to do with the story. No, no one on the board is quoted directly. But the picture the WSJ paints is certainly …

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RIM, you’re dead to me now

Commentary I can’t believe you did this, RIM. I’ve stuck up for you for years. When the iPhone came out, I said, “Looks great, but what kind of security does it have?” When Google and its posse of handset makers started selling quite lovely smart phones, I said, “OK, sure, but what about network reliability?” And when Microsoft came out …

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