Dhananjay Mahapatra

After Facing Snooping Allegations, Govt Drops Plan For Social Media Hub For Monitoring Citizens

The Centre on Friday told the Supreme Court (SC) it is withdrawing a proposal to create a social media hub, which petitioners had alleged would become a tool to monitor citizens’ social media activities. Attorney general K K Venugopal told the SC that the Centre is withdrawing the notification proposing the creation of such a …

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27 Years In Prison, And Counting: Former Soldier On Death Row Since 1991 Without Parole

Lance Naik Devendranath Rai was 33 years old when he was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering two colleagues while posted in Mathura in 1991. Today, as a 60-year-old, he is still lodged in Naini Jail in Allahabad. In the last 27 years, he did not get a single day’s parole to visit his family. Rai’s wife, through senior …

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