Dave Cheng

Everyone’s saying smartwatches are over, but they’re wrong

You may have read reports claiming the smartwatch market is “tanking”, “crashing” or a number of other synonyms describing a decline. Numbers have been thrown around, and they’ve been interpreted like tea leaves: questionably. The numbers aren’t wrong, but don’t prepare for a smartwatch-free future just yet. Apple shipped a whopping 3.9 million Watches in …

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The GeeksPhone Blackphone is designed specifically for those who would prefer to keep their data to themselves. The Blackphone keeps your user data secure and anonymous via several methods. Unlike other phones it doesn’t track your browser and search history which would allow others to mine your data. It also prevents location tracking via wifi hotspots. This is all made …

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Waterproof your mobile with P2i nanotechnology

P2i show off their waterproofing nanotechnology at Mobile World Congress Traditional waterproofing involves designing products with physical seals and barriers to prevent water ingress. This often means devices such as phones, tablets and cameras are bulkier to help house the additional seals. P2i’s technology involves placing devices in a specialised chamber where a polymer nano-coating is applied. The polymer creates …

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