Brian Krepshaw


No sleight of hand necessary with the Taylor TEMPerfect Butter Tray. Sur La Table We hardly think about it, perhaps because it happens on a regular basis, but everything we do in the kitchen is about change. That big metal box that opens and closes is the center of it all. No, not the refrigerator …

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Secret compartment in The Popcorn Bowl makes for a nice plot twist

There is a plot hole in the Popcorn Bowl from UncommonGoods — in a good way. UncommonGoods Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after. The end. If that story sounds a little unfulfilling, perhaps this one will satiate your appetite: Once upon a time, you watched a movie. The end. Still need more? Of course, you do. What’s …

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Cuisinart SmarTrack keeps noses in the know

The Cuisinart SmarTrack food storage containers will send you an alert warning you when food will go bad. Cuisinart We’ve all done it: peeled back the lid of something in the fridge and cringed at the scent of something that would make a bloodhound cry. It could be leftovers from weeks ago or it could be fresh produce that is …

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